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Erwin Dudley Basketball Camp
Dudley Camp

Sports can contribute significantly to international, national and local efforts to give children a healthy start. Sports can help those who haven’t received a good start, and equip youth with the information, skills, personal and social resources, and support needed to make key life transitions successfully. The purpose of youth sports should be as much about learning sustainable life lessons as it is about winning games. Brother Erwin Dudley, initiated Alpha Tau Chapter, 2011, was born in Uniontown, Alabama. Dudley is a graduate of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. While at the Capstone, he consistently made a name for himself. During his college basketball career, Dudley was named an All-American by the Associated Press, a consensus Southeastern Conference 2002 Player of the Year and a unanimous All-SEC First Team pick. Brother Erwin Dudley hosted his 12th Annual basketball camp that was held in Uniontown, Alabama. Bro. Dudley’s camp usually averages around 125 to 150 youth, while working on different basketball techniques. Brother Dudley was assisted by several Brothers from Alpha Tau Chapter. Basketball was not the only skill taught at this camp. Bro Chris Spencer, along with other Brothers of the chapters, performed mentoring the young kids, offering words of encouragements and uplift.